AIA is approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA Provider # J607) to provide online continuing education courses to architects. But there are other areas of study, useful to architectural interns working in architectural firms, preparing to take divisions of the ARE® (Architectural Registration Exam).

What follows is a listing of course modules available thus far, to use when preparing to test in one or more divisions of the ARE®. Registered professionals may also find individual modules to be of use, to improve their overall practice procedures or to acquire specific knowledge, useful in obtaining or executing commissions for specific projects.

The six test divisions of the Architectural Registration Exam are titled:

  • Practice Management (PcM)
  • Project Management (PjM)
  • Programming & Analysis (PA)
  • Project Planning & Design (PPD)
  • Project Development & Documentation (PDD)
  • Construction & Evaluation (CE)

Initials after each course module listed below indicate which division test(s) that course material applies. Each module only appears once on the list, which means some pertinent content for a particular exam may be in a different category, so if you're concentrating on one particular exam be sure to look at the categories at the end of the other module titles too. Clicking on the course module title will take you to a details page including the course module description and performance objectives.

In addition to the content each module features an online quiz to test comprehension. You will have the option to download your exam results at the end.


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PDF course Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.

speaker 2 Audio-visual course for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Practice Management (PcM)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   PDF courseArchitects and Sexual Harassment (PcM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseArchitectural Business Operations and Finances (PcM) (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseLeading an Architectural Practice (PcM) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseMarketing Architectural Services (PcM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseOverall Architectural Business Organization (PcM) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseProfessional Ethics for Architects (PcM) 1.00 $15.00

Project Management (PjM)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   PDF courseArchitectural Project Quality Control (PcM) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseArchitectural Project Work Planning (PcM) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseContracts Governing Delivery of Services (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseKeeping Construction Administration Records (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseProject Changes and Their Ramifications (CE) (PjM) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseRisk Management in Architectural Practice (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00

Programming & Analysis (PA)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   PDF courseOverview of ARE Tests (CE) (PcM) (PjM) (PPD) (PDD) (PA) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseThe Greenest Buildings (PjM) (PPD) (PA) 1.00 $15.00

Project Planning & Design (PPD)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   PDF courseDesigning for Acoustics (PPD) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseDesigning for Sustainability (PPD) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseEmpowering the Building (PPD) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00

Project Development & Documentation (PDD)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   PDF courseArchitectural Project Documents (CE) (PcM) (PjM) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseConsiderations Affecting Bidding (CE) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseDealing With Project Changes (CE) (PjM) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseResolving Project Disputes (CE) (PjM) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseUnderstanding Project Delivery Methods (CE) (PcM) (PjM) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00

Construction and Evaluation (CE)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   PDF courseArchitect Responsibilities During Construction (CE) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseContractor Responsibilities During Construction (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseDocuments for Structuring Projects (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseOwner Responsibilities During Projects (CE) (PjM) 1.00 $15.00
   PDF courseWrapping Up Construction Projects (CE) (PjM) (PDD) 1.00 $15.00