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Registration Questions

What is the Pace membership all about and do I have to pay for it?
  The Pace membership is a group of free benefits designed to help our customers with the renewal process and business in general. It offers free industry updates that may concern your license, free website to help you advertise your business, free classified ads, big discounts and promos, and many of our members depend on their Pace membership to remind them when their CE is due. The Pace membership is absolutely free upon registering for your courses!
How can I register?

You can register on our website 24/7 by selecting your course package first. Once you have selected your courses the registration process will begin. Jump to step #2 and search yourself in our system with your last name and license number. Add the information to the required fields to complete registration. Once you have submitted your payment you will have instant access to your courses.

You can also register by phone by calling 1-800-576-4341 Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

How long do I have to complete the courses once I have purchased them?
  Your Pace courses never expire to our members, although we always recommend you complete them by your state deadline, you can take as long as you need.
I am confused, your advertisement says it's a specific price but when I go to check out it's more, why?
  In order to receive the discounted price you must enter in your "Discount Code" during the checkout process. If the code is entered in the correct place you will see the discount applied on the payment screen. If you are on the payment screen ready to enter in your card information and do not see the appropriate discount, do not proceed, you will need to go back through the process of selecting your courses again to enter the discount code properly. Or feel free to call us and we can process your discounted payment for you.
You have so many package options, how do I know which one has the right requirements for my license or licenses?
  Pace offers courses for both CILB and ECLB license holders. Be sure you are on the correct courses page for your license type. If you hold both a CILB and an ECLB license there is a separate page for a dual license holder. The CILB has the same basic core requirements for all certified and registered license holders. So if you are a CFC, CAC, CGC, CRC, CBC, CPC, CSC, CVC, CUC, CMC, SCC, PCC, CGG, RF, RA, RG, RR, RB, RP, RX, RU, RM, you can select any of our complete packages on our CILB page and it will contain everything that is required to renew those licenses.

Pace electrical packages are good for all electricians with the exception of alarm contractors. Pace only offers 12 of the 14 required hours for an alarm contractor. Pace currently does not offer the False Alarm course required for all EF, EG, EY and any EC that performs alarm work.
I hold a CILB license and an ECLB license, each need 14 hours of CE, why are your dual packages 18 hours?
  The CILB and ECLB have two different set of requirements. In order to satisfy all of your required hours for both boards you need to complete 18 hours. The ECLB requires 7 hours of Technical CE which tends to be difficult to get approved for a CILB license holder since it's specific to the electrical market. Pace was able to get 3 of the 7 technical hours approved for a CILB license holder leaving just 4 hours of technical that would need to be taken for the ECLB license. Many dual license holders take 21 hours to cover both licenses so Pace is able to save you the extra time and money.
How do I know if you are approved to provide CE and I will get credit at the state?

Pace is an approved provider for at the DBPR, provider #0002868. You can search us at under PacePDH.

We are also the Florida Home Builders Association "Vendor of Choice" for CE as well as education partners with the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, IAEI.

I hold a Building Inspector and or Plans Examiner's license, do these courses get me credit?
  The Building Inspector and Plans Examiner licenses report to a different board, the BCAIB, and have a separate set of requirements. If you are looking to get a 14 hour package to cover a BCAIB as well as a CILB license we can get you courses on our alternate site, Please give us a call at 800-576-4341 or email us at for information.
I recently was licensed as a Home Inspector or Mold Remediator, do these course cover those license renewal?
  We have an information page set up that can answer that questions. Please click here for more information.
Do I have to have audio on my computer to use the courses?

Yes, it is the preferred way to view the courses. The system will not work properly without audio running.

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Technical Questions

My screen is too small, I can't click all the buttons, what's wrong?
  Adjust the "Zoom" on your computer screen. On the Internet Explorer browser look up to the top right or left of your computer screen you should see the menu bar with the menu options for File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools, and Help. Click on the "View" (or the picture of the Gear) and find the "Zoom". Make sure it is set to 100% and you should be all set for proper viewing.
I was right in the middle of my course and it froze up, what do I do now?

Close the course, in some cases you may need to close your browser window. Log back into account and click "Continue", the course should load up where you left off.

I went all the way through the course and now it say's I have missed a slide. I followed the instructions but it still say's I'm not done why?
  Once in a while a slide in the system will not play all the way through due to connection issues. If you have tried to view a slide and the system is not recognizing it, please log out of the course and email us at and or give us a call at 800-576-4341 and we can close the course out for you. If it is after normal business hours send us an email and we will take care of it as soon as we are back in the office. In the meantime so you aren't held up, you can logout of the course, wait 10 minutes and go on to the next course.
I am having a problem printing my certificates, nothing is happening when I click Print, why?
  To print your certificates, click the "Print" button. On the next screen it will ask you to select your board, click and highlight the correct board for your license type, the click the box below to include the license number or numbers you wish to print for. A small box will appear most times at the very bottom of the screen, it will ask for you to "Open" or "Save", click "Open" and it will produce your PDF certificate that you can print.
I am only seeing a colored background when the I try to launch the course.

Not loading in IE, Firefox or Google Chrome - Check Flash Player.

Use “What Is My Browser” link in System Check area to confirm Flash is missing and then point customer to Adobe site to download and install Flash Solution:

Go to: Settings/manage add ons/look for "Content Flash Object"/disabled/enabled/missing altogether If disabled, enable it If missing, go to Adobe and download Flash

Also, on IE, ensure ActiveX filtering is disabled. This is toggled on/off from Tools | Safety | ActiveX Filtering

Flash help instructions located at:

If enabled also go to Adobe and download Flash (often this fixes the issue even though it says enabled, perhaps its an old version)


Not loading in Safari


If the above doe not work, try a different Web browser.

Firefox ( and Google Chrome ( are two good choices.


I am seeing a small blue box on my Android device when attempting to play a course.
  Your Android device and browser do not have Flash Player installed or enabled.

To check if it is installed but not enabled:
Find the settings for the browser you are using. Make sure "Plug-ins are enabled".

If Flash Player is not installed:

Flash player is no longer available on the Google Play Store. You can download the most recent version for Android 4.x here: Flash Player 11.1 for Android 4.0 (

Flash Player for Android 3.x and 2.x: Flash Player 11.1 for Android 2.x and 3.x (

Click on the link for the operating system your device is using (most likely 4.x). Your device will download the installation package. Once it has downloaded, click the downloaded file and follow the prompts to install it.
I can't play my courses on my iPad or iPhone, why?
  Our system is Adobe Flash based and the Apple iPad itself does not support Flash. Although we (PacePDH) do not provide support for third party applications, there are a few apps that our users have had success using to play our courses on iPads (and other non-apple devices). Two of the apps that can be obtained from the Apple store or for Android devices Google Play Store are Puffin Browser and Dolphin Browser.

Puffin Browser is currently free during off peak hours (9am to 4pm) and .99 for a 6 month unlimited subscription. It is available in the Apple Store.

Once one of these are installed, you will be able to use your iPad to play Pace courses.
In Internet Explorer Metro mode, why is the system telling me I am attempting to view the courses in more than one window at the same time?
Exiting Internet Explorer in Metro Mode, while still in a course, by simply going back to the Start page in bottom right corner of the screen or switching between apps from top left of screen, will not end your current session.

When exiting a session in Internet Explorer 10 Metro mode, close the browser tab by doing one of the following:
  • Right click in browser (any where on page/ screen) and the tabs will display at the top. Then click the X in the PacePDH box.
  • Swipe/flick up from the bottom of a touch screen, or swipe/flick down from the top of a touch screen, then click the X in the PacePDH box.

Closing a tab in Metro in IE 11 Metro with 8.1:
The tabs display at the bottom. Click the X next to to close.

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Renewal Questions (Florida CILB Only)

I completed all of my courses and everything says "Sent to State" what do I do now?
  Once you have completed your 14 hours of CE it should post to your account at the DBPR within 24 hours. Please note that the DBPR only posts CE once a day at Midnight, so even if your hours are completed prior to midnight the state will not have record of them until 12:01 AM when the system automatically posts your hours. You can then renew your license by visiting and clicking "Renew a License".
All of my courses say "Sent to State" but when I check at the state I don't see them posted, why?

Please note that the state only posts CE hours once a day, usually around midnight. If you are checking your account the same day you completed the CE, you will not be able to see it posted until after the update. If you have already paid your renewal fee and it's been 24 hours since you completed your CE, when you log into your account at the state it will show you the next renewal period that will begin on 9/1/2012 and run through 8/31/2014 and it will show you with a 14 hour shortfall. To view the current renewal period you must change the date range back to 9/1/2010 to 8/31/2012 to reflect your completed CE.

Do I need to print my certificates off for any reason?
  No, we report all of your information to the state board for you.  You can print off your certificates of completion if you would like to keep a paper record, but you can also feel free to leave them in your account or your “Virtual Filing Cabinet” and print them whenever you may need them.
I received a notice from the state that said they have not received my CE yet, I completed it with you why do they not have it?
  Many times the DBPR is slow in sending automatic notices. Check the date at the top of the letter to be sure it was sent after you have record of completing your CE. If the letter was sent after your CE was completed, please call us and we can look into your account and re-report any courses we may need to.
I am on inactive status and noticed my courses are not being posted to the proper renewal periods, why is this?
  When your license is on "Inactive" status the state does not require for your CE to be completed during that period. When you decide to reactivate the license you will then be required to send in a printed completion certificate for each course you would like to get credit for, at that time the state will back post the hours to the proper requirement.

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