Contractors for Hire

Pace wants your referrals!
PacePDH wants to give you the opportunity to help your friends find the most affordable and convenient way to complete their required CE and help you earn some extra cash in the process. The biggest compliment we can receive is when a member refers a friend to us. We currently have members who regularly refer their friends to Pace so we thought, why not reward you for it!

The program is simple!

  • Give your referral code to your friends who need CE
  • Earn 15% of the total purchase amount every time your code is used
  • We keep track for you, every time your code is used we will send you an email letting you know you’ve earned money
  • Referrals will be paid by check quarterly as long as you have earned at least $25, all accounts will be paid in full at end of the year regardless of the amount earned.

Get Started TODAY

Your unique referral code and more details are located on the Member Home page once you login.
Be sure to have your friends use your unique code when prompted for the “Referral Code” at the end of the registration process. To receive our best current promotional price, simply have the referral use the code "FRIEND" as the "Discount Code" during checkout.

Note: The referral code is different from the discount code. They are entered in different places in the checkout process. Both can be used in the same transaction. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at (800) 576-4341.