See what other contractors are saying about began business in 2003 and in March of 2006 we included an area on the website to post feedback on our courses and on the system of delivery itself, since then we have received over 2,000 testimonials. The following is just a small sampling of what we received, we know what you're thinking "maybe they only post the good ones?" Well, you're absolutely right, as it turns out almost all of them are good ones, some as short as "Great course" to several paragraphs.

"I was greatly impressed with the ease of use and relevant content of the courses that I took. The ability to select from a multiple number of courses to tailor my curriculum to my current interests and business is another factor that makes your product unique and impressive. In addition, both you and David were very helpful and professional in your correspondence when I called. Ron, your product is dynamite! As long as you are available, I will never sit through another dull continuing education class or seminar. In short, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give you a 10".

"I deal with so may companies that do not perform the services that they advertise; it is refreshing to deal with one that provides more than they advertise".

Keith Ellis, President - Ellis Construction Company, Inc. Tampa, FL

"I truthfully liked the course. It's very detailed and covers all the required/important CEU material, and most importantly I can perform the activity at "my own pace".

Chuck Hays, Florida Certified General Contractor

Thank you for your tremendous help. Your courses were AWESOME. I really enjoyed the comentary and learned a lot. It brought up a lot of points I should have been thinking about anyway. This is light years ahead of the many courses out there that I would have to spend hours getting to and from. I will be taking all my future courses through you as they are required.

Thanks - Mike Alford

"Excellent review and insight into professional situations that occur everyday and the breaking down ethics into the reasoning behind what we live by".

Kenneth Feyl

"After completing my first on line course, it is quite clear that on line education for contractors is the wave of the future. the course was easy to follow, provided concise information and convenient. i will choose the on line method for obtaining future ceu"s without hesitation".

David Scott

“Wow! That was a great improvement over losing a whole day in a seminar somewhere! I learned something too! I hope you're planning to add more courses, because I like doing this in my own office, at my own pace, when my schedule allows it.” Thanks!

Jimmy Eller, - Professional Engineer.

I absolutely LOVE your courses and their convenience. I'm also impressed with the speed at which you report completion to the State. I received your large postcard about this program... I hesitated at first... but am so pleased at responding and taking these courses. ONE more to go!

JoAnn Vallee

"These courses have been very useful for me, and far more complete than I had expected. The same holds true for all the PACE courses (4) that I have completed. The method of presentation and the actual presentations have been excellent. Being in a remote location (Michigan Upper Peninsula), I found the internet availability extremely convenient."

Thank you,
John Jamar Sr., Cable Constructors, Inc.

"I liked the course. I think I learned more from this course than being there in person. Bob Hite was really good. He really has a way of making you understand everything. In two years, I will take my CEUs with PacePDH again".

Salvatore Coia

"Good comprehensive course on a tough subject (Workers Compensation)I particularly like the fact that I could go through the course at my own my choice of location and time rather than being tied to a seminar at someone else's site on thier time schedule".

Peter Bragdon

Wow! Thank You! There is only so much an individual actually knows about the W.C. premiums, actual coverage, etc. We do depend too much on the agent to really inform us as to what we are paying for. This information should help us get our costs down. We now have the tools necessary to help with the fraud issue as well. So helpful, So informative. We will address all this with our Risk Management Team. Thank You Again,

Henrietta L. Romo

"Outstanding program. W ill definitely be taking more of your courses to meet my requirements. Thanks for having them online, it sure beats sitting in a classroom".

Phillip Meacham