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Since 2003 has delivered over half a million online continuing education hours to more than 50,000 AEC professionals nationwide.

Our online interactive audio/visual courses feature narration, images and illustrations. Our PDF format is a non-timed, read-only course with online testing at the end.

North Carolina Continuing Education Requirements

North Carolina Administrative Code 21 NCAC 02.0903 Continuing Education Requirements

  1. Every registrant shall obtain twelve (12) contact hours for each calendar year.
  2. The contact hours shall be obtained in structured educational activities intended to increase or update the architect's knowledge and competence in technical and professional architectural subjects directly related to safeguarding public health, safety and welfare("HSW"), whether delivered by direct contact or distance learning methods.

North Carolina Administrative Code 21 NCAC 02.0905 Continuing Education Record Maintenance and Verification

  • To renew your license you must show that you obtained the contact hours during the previous CALENDAR year.
  • The hours are reported on your individual renewal. A simple statement asking if you have complied with the CE rule is on the form; you must check a box indicating “yes” or “no”. DO NOT SEND CONTINUING EDUCATION LOGS WITH RENEWAL TO THE BOARD OFFICE. You do not have to send your log unless you are specifically audited.
  • The CE rule provides three ways to log your CE credit.  A self-made log showing the type of activity claimed, sponsoring organization, location, duration, the name of the instructor and amount of hours earned, or a file of attendance certificates or other type of evidence of participation, or Records maintained by the AIA/CES.
  • The records must be retained for a period of six (6) years after the credit is claimed.

For more information, visit the North Carolina Board of Architecture CE Website.

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Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.
Audio-visual course for computers. Requires a third party app for phones/tablets.
Audio-visual course for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Generational Design

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Ageless by Design 2.00 $38.00
   Ageless Living by Design (HSW) 2.00 $38.00
   Aging in Place - Eliminating Traps (HSW) 4.00 $76.00
   Biophilic Design and Senior Well Being for Architect and Design Professionals (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
   Demographic Trends and Changes in the Aging Population Essential for Architects, Designers and Contractors to Identify (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
   The Senior Wellness Revolution (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
   Where is Home - The Aging Population and Where They Live (HSW) 1.00 $19.00

Building Systems

Construction Contract Administration

Course Sample Credit Hours Price


Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Building for Energy Efficiency (BSP/T/GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
Cool Roofs for Warm Climates (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
   Cool Roofs for Warm Climates PDF (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
Environmentally Safe Paints and Painting Techniques (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
   Strategies to Achieve Net-Zero Energy Homes PDF (HSW) 2.00 $38.00


Occupant Comfort

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Indoor Environmental Quality (GEN) (HSW) 3.00 $57.00
   Sound Advice for Acoustics PDF (HSW) 4.00 $76.00