Since 2003, has delivered over half a million online continuing education hours to more than 50,000 AEC professionals nationwide. Our online interactive audio/visual courses feature narration, images and illustrations.

Since 2003 has delivered over 400,000 online continuing education hours to more than 20,000 contractors. Pace now is happy to offer continuing education (CE) courses to Oregon Commercial Contractors.

You may choose any combination of CE courses listed below. Course can be taken by one key employee or by multiple key employees.

The total number of hours required depends upon your commercial contractor level and how many key employees the business has. The following CE hours are required for each two-year licensing period.

For more details about Commercial Continuing Education (CCE) on the Oregon CCB Web site, click here.
For a printable overview on Commercial Contractor requirements, including a definition of "key employee", click here.

Commercial Contractor Level 1 5 or more Key Employees
4 Key Employees
3 Key Employees
2 Key Employees
1 Key Employee
80 Hours Required
64 Hours Required
48 Hours Required
32 Hours Required
16 Hours Required
Commercial Contractor Level 2 Any # of key Employees 32 Hours Required

Dual Licensees - New Oregon CCB Rules that went into effect July 1, 2017
If you hold both an Oregon Residential and Commercial license, now you only need to meet the commercial CE requirements. When selecting courses from open course credits, always choose "Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) - Commercial" as the Board, even if you carry both a commercial and residential license. Visit our Oregon CCB - Commercial packages page for details.

Course Reporting
Licensees attest they have completed the required continuing education courses during the license renewal process. Courses are not reported by the provider ( and the licensee does not need to upload or send in their certificates of completion. Certificates are needed only if audited by the Oregon CCB.

NOTE REGARDING ELECTRICAL CODE CHANGE COURSES: Our Analysis Of Changes NEC courses also are approved by the Oregon Building Codes Division Electrical Program to meet code change CE requirements. If you also hold an electrical license and choose to take electrical code change courses, contact us to ensure they are reported under that program.

Course format key:
Online timed audio-visual course with open book testing at check points throughout the course.
Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.

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 Total Hours: 0 32
Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.
Audio-visual course for computers. Requires a third party app for phones/tablets.
Audio-visual course for computers, tablets and smartphones.

New / Featured

Building Technology

Building Codes and Standards

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
ADA Guide for Small Towns (BSP/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Fair Housing: A Study of Kitchens and Bathrooms (GEN) (AOA) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Fair Housing: An In Depth Study of Accessible Routes (GEN) (AOA) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Fair Housing: An Overview of the Fair Housing Act (GEN) (AOA) (HSW) 2.00 $22.00

Business Management

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
REMODology Part I - Get Paid for Your Time and Up-front Remodeling 2.00 $22.00
REMODology Part II - The Feasibility Study 2.00 $22.00
REMODology Part III - The Design Review 2.00 $22.00
The Contractor vs Architect Feud- Why they cannot always get along (BSP/GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00

Workplace Safety

Electrical (see note above)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 1 - Code-Wide Chapters 1 and 2 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 2 - Chapters 3 and 4 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 3 – Chapter 5 through Article 682 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 4 – Article 690 through Chapter 9 4.00 $49.00