Since 2003, has delivered over half a million online continuing education hours to more than 50,000 AEC professionals nationwide. Our online interactive audio/visual courses feature narration, images and illustrations. is a trusted industry leader that has delivered over 400,000 hours of education to contractors and electricians across the USA. Now Pace offers all of our education courses to the general public!

Do you hold a state or municipality license that requires education hours to renew? If your state currently requires education but does not require the courses to be approved specifically by their board, Pace can help.

Have you ever been curious about learning more regarding the construction or electrical industry? Although the Pace courses will not certify you in any trade, they offer detailed insight on many industry techniques and guidelines to help you better understand how the work is accomplished.

Pace General Education courses are also great training courses for your crew. If you would like to brush them up on safety, management, or new techniques in the trade, Pace courses will be the perfect fit for you.

Check out all of our available courses below and discover how much you can learn from Pace!

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PDF course Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.

speaker 2 Audio-visual course for computers, tablets and smartphones.


Course Sample Credit Hours Price
multimedia courseAgeless by Design (GEN) (HSW) sample 2.00 $22.00

Energy Efficiency/Green Building

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
multimedia courseDeveloping Your Stormwater Prevention Plan (GEN) 2.00 $18.00
multimedia courseIndoor Environmental Quality (GEN) (HSW) 3.00 $27.00


Course Sample Credit Hours Price
multimedia courseHome Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction (GEN) (HSW) 4.00 $36.00
multimedia courseMechanic's Lien Law (BSP/GEN) 2.00 $22.00
multimedia courseProfessional Ethics for Contractors sample 2.00 $27.00
multimedia courseWorkers Compensation - Understanding Chapter 440 (WC/GEN) 1.00 $9.00

National Electrical Code (NEC)

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
multimedia courseAnalysis of Changes 2023 NEC - Part 3 - Article 518 through Chapter 9 sample 4.00 $49.00
multimedia courseIAEI Analysis of Changes Hardcover 0.00 $250.00


Course Sample Credit Hours Price
multimedia courseSexual Harassment in the Workplace (GEN) 2.00 $25.00


Course Sample Credit Hours Price

Pace does not report completed General Education courses to any entity. Certificates of completion are available instantly upon completion of the course and can be printed indefinitely thereafter from your account.

If you are completing Pace courses to comply with a state board or municipality, please ensure that our courses will be accepted by the desired board prior to starting your courses. Many states do not have a specific approval process for courses but require you complete the courses from a University, Trade school, IAEI or an Education company, which is what is considered.