Instructor: Peter Larsen

Credit Hours: 4.00

Approval Number: 123456

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Course Description

This course is provided by and delivered by Peter Larsen, who has been an electrician for over 30 years. The course also brings together a diverse group of seasoned electricians who have lived through some pretty sketchy situations. Their stories you will hear and never forget.

The goal of the course is to make you a safer electrician by utilizing our decades of field experience and fast forward you without the pain, injury, and shenanigans that they have either lived through, seen, or have heard about.
Safety Courses should never be monotonous: repeating things we have all heard before. They have taken safety to the next level by applying safety training in practical, real-world situations. After watching you will be a safer, more efficient and confident electrician, one that hopefully will be able to use the examples that are shared regularly.

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Course Objectives

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