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Florida Professional Engineer Continuing Education Requirements

Florida Continuing Education Requirements

  1. All Professional Engineers licensed in Florida are required to obtain a total of 18 continuing education (CE) course hours every two years in order to renew their licenses.
  2. Pursuant to Rule 61G15-22.001(3), Florida Administrative Code, PEs must complete a course on the seventh edition by Dec. 31, 2021, and provide the Board with a certificate of completion. Certificates can be emailed to FBPE at

    However, PEs whose work involves the design of elements of structures and systems covered by the Florida Building Code must take an advanced building code course before submitting final engineering documents to building departments or other agencies having jurisdiction.

    For more information, visit the FBPE Executive Director's message on the Web site.
  3. Of the 18 hours, one hour must relate to the Florida laws and rules of Professional Engineers and one hour must relate to Florida professional ethics, both from a Board-approved provider. Four hours must relate to area of practice. The remaining 12 hours may be related to any topic pertinent to the practice of engineering.

Florida Continuing Education Record Maintenance and Verification

Rule 61G15-22.008, F.A.C., Record Keeping, states that engineer licensees are responsible for maintaining sufficient records demonstrating completion of qualifying professional development hours for at least two licensure cycles or four years.


Pursuant to Rule 61G15-22.006, F.A.C., Demonstrating Compliance,
  1. In order to demonstrate compliance, licensees must attest to completion of the continuing education requirements upon licensure renewal. The Board will audit at random a number of licensees as is necessary to assure that the continuing education requirements are met.
  2. The licensee shall retain such receipts, vouchers, certificates, or other papers as may be necessary to document completion of the continuing education pursuant to an audit for four years from the date of completion of the continuing education activity.

For more information, visit the Florida Board of Professional Engineers Continuing Education Requirements Website. is approved by the Florida Board of Professional Engineers (Provider #0003356) to provide online continuing education courses to Engineers.

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Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   Advanced FBC The 6th Edition Florida Building Code (HSW) - PDF 2.00 $38.00
Advanced Florida Building Code 7th Edition (2020) Accessibility (ADV) (HSW) 2.00 $38.00

Laws and Rules

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   Laws and Rules for Florida Engineers PDF 1.00 $19.00

Florida HSW/Engineer

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Indoor Environmental Quality (GEN) (HSW) 3.00 $57.00

Area of Practice


Civil Engineering

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   Hydraulic Design of Storm Sewers with Excel 4.00 $76.00
   Hydrology 1 - Precipitation 4.00 $76.00
   Hydrology 2 - Frequency Analysis of Flood Data 5.00 $90.00
   Manning Equation Open Channel Flow Calculations 4.00 $76.00
   Modern Roundabout Design I 3.00 $57.00
   Modern Roundabout Design II - Multilanes to Mini-Roundabouts 3.00 $57.00
   Roadway Traffic Control Part 1 3.00 $76.00
   Roadway Traffic Control Part 2 3.00 $76.00

Business Planning

Course Sample Credit Hours Price

Energy Efficiency

Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Building for Energy Efficiency (BSP/T/GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $19.00
Daylighting for Energy Efficiency (BSP/T/GEN) 1.00 $19.00


Course Sample Credit Hours Price
   Basic Engineering Ethics 1 Hour - PDF 1.00 $19.00


Course Sample Credit Hours Price
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 1 - Code-Wide Chapters 1 and 2 4.00 $76.00
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 2 - Chapters 3 and 4 4.00 $76.00
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 3 – Chapter 5 through Article 682 4.00 $76.00
Analysis of Changes 2020 NEC - Part 4 – Article 690 through Chapter 9 4.00 $76.00



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