Instructor: Thomas Martineau

Board: Florida Home Inspector Licensing Program

Credit Hours: 1.00
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Approval Number: 0611635

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Course Description

CILB Approval Number: 0611635
ECLB Approval Number: 0801612

Author: Ron May

This one hour advanced distance learning course details the specific requirements for Enforcement and Education of the Florida Building Construction Standards as required in the Florida Statutes 553 (part IV). Students will examine the requirements for enforcement of the building codes, education and outreach, and product approval.


Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify local government enforcement regulations including exemptions, penalties and enforcement districts
  • Explain the code rules related to school enforcement, permits and restrictions
  • Discuss the building code education and outreach program including meeting and operations, advanced courses and funding
  • Describe the code product approval process including method of approval and evaluation entities

Instructor Bio

Mr. Martineau is a licensed, registered architect, currently self-employed as facility management consultant (specialties facility planning, programming and maintenance, school safety and security, facilities condition assessment, facilities utilization, school kitchen and cafeteria management). He has conducted or served as team member of over fifty individual consulting efforts with K-12 schools across the United States.

As the President of Productivity house Inc since 1988, Tom has been in charge of market research and consulting services in facilities planning, programming, management, operations and security. In the past he has served as a major consultant to Shimizu Construction Company, 3M Company, AMP Corporation, Battelle Memorial Institute, CPA Associates, Ransomed Productions, MGT of America, and Evergreen Solutions, LLC. He continues to work with Prismatic Services, Inc., and International Making Cities Livable Council.

Tom has also served as a Professor of Architecture from 1985 to 2007. He was Professor and Director, at the Institute for Building Sciences, until 1992, then Professor of Architecture until Fall 2007. As the first full-time IBS Director, he developed and managed research contracts exceeding $1 million. The largest projects included recommendations for restructuring Florida's building construction regulations, and creating a maintenance protocol for the facilities inventory of the Florida Department of Transportation. He also established the first multiclient program on Intelligent Buildings.

As a professor, he taught in the areas of professional ethics, materials and methods of construction, lighting, acoustics, heating and cooling, design studio, and introduction to architecture.

In post-retirement, Tom taught as Adjunct Professor in lighting, acoustics, heating, cooling, and facilities management.

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