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Now, Pace is proud to offer online continuing education courses to North Carolina electricians. Remember, additional online hours can carry forward to future cycles. Taking 8 online hours and one full-day live seminar will cover your CE requirements for two years! You can find approved live seminar providers on the NCBEEC Web site.

NC State Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors (NCBEEC)

(extracted from NCBEEC.org Web site) Every listed qualified individual, including listed qualified individuals pursuant to G.S. 87-50, shall complete continuing education for each annual license period to renew the license on which the qualified individual is currently listed, for the next annual license period. Effective for renewals on or after July 1, 2008, all persons seeking to renew qualification must demonstrate that a minimum of one-half the continuing education hours for each annual license period were obtained by in-person classroom or seminar attendance.

When a qualified individual has completed more than the required number of hours of continuing education in any one license period, the extra hours may be carried forward in multiples as specified in .1104(a) and treated as hours earned in the following one or two additional license periods.

NEW BOARD RULE: Effective March 20, 2020 – March 19, 2021

Effective March 20, 2020, and in response to an ongoing National Health emergency, all existing listed qualified individuals shall receive a one?time waiver of their continuing education requirements to be effectuated by each listed qualified individual receiving credit for their required number of annual hours for their classification as that number is set forth in Rule .1101 of this Section.

NCLBGC online course requirements state the student must "enter the qualifier number each time he/she accesses the online course, and this number shall match exactly the qualifier number provided during registration."

Note: This is your Qualifier ID (a three to five digit number), not your license number. It is essential you use this number as your Primary License number when registering as we also use it on our course completion roster uploaded to the NCLBGC. If needed, you can lookup/verify your Qualfier ID on the NCLBGC Web site.

If you have any questions about course selection, our online course delivery system or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 576-4341.

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Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.
Audio-visual course for computers. Requires a third party app for phones/tablets.
Audio-visual course for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Online Courses - 2017 NEC

Course Credit Hours Price
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 1 - Code-Wide and Articles 100-250 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 2 - Articles 300-480 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 3 - Articles 500-670 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 4 - Articles 680- Chapter 9 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00