Since 2003, has delivered over half a million online continuing education hours to more than 50,000 AEC professionals nationwide. Our online interactive audio/visual courses feature narration, images and illustrations.

Since 2003 has delivered over 150,000 online continuing education hours to more than 10,000 contractors. Pace now is happy to offer continuing education (CE) courses to City of Idaho Falls Commercial and Residential Building Contractors and Building Sub-Contractors.

City of Idaho Falls Building Contractor CE Credit Rules and Regulations

CE may be obtained by the qualified licensed individual whose name is on the License Application on file with the City of Idaho Falls.

The following CE hours are required for each one-year licensing period. Idaho Falls Contractors are required to take at least 4 hours "CODE" training per year, the other 4 can be "NON-Code" training. Licensed Sub-Contractors are required to take 4 hours of CEU's.

After you complete each course you will be able to print out a Certificate of Completion yourself. These completion certificates should be printed out and kept with your license records and a copy sent to City of Idaho Falls Building Department , email, fax # (208) 612-8520 or mail: City of Idaho Falls, Building Department, P.O. Box 50220, Idaho falls, ID 83405-0220. If you have any questions regarding your City of Idaho Falls Building Contractor License , please do not hesitate to contact the City of Idaho Falls (208) 612-8415 or visit their website at

Note regarding Workplace Safety courses: The City of Idaho Falls has approved the Workplace Safety courses below for only HALF CE credit. If the course reflects 1 CE credit hour, the actual run time of the course will be double that, or 2 clock hours.

If you have any questions about course selection, our online course delivery system or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 576-4341.

Note: If you are located in another Idaho jurisdiction we would be happy to try to get your jusrisdiction to approve our courses as well. For more details contact us at (800) 576-4341.

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 Category SelectedRequired
 Code Training 0 4
 Total Hours: 0 8
Non-timed, read-only PDF document with online testing at the end.
Audio-visual course for computers. Requires a third party app for phones/tablets.
Audio-visual course for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Code Training


Course Credit Hours Price
Indoor Environmental Quality (GEN) (HSW) 3.00 $33.00

Workplace Safety (see note above regarding credit)

Course Credit Hours Price
Asbestos in the Construction Industry (Idaho) 1.50 $33.00
Cranes and Crane Safety (Idaho) 1.00 $22.00
Fall Protection (Idaho) 1.00 $22.00
Hand and Power Tools Safety (Idaho) 0.50 $11.00
Lead (and other metals) in Construction (Idaho) 1.50 $33.00
Lockout/Tagout (Idaho) 1.00 $22.00
Materials Handling, Storage, Use, and Disposal (Idaho) 0.50 $11.00
Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment (Idaho) 1.00 $22.00
Scaffolds and Scaffold Safety (Idaho) 0.50 $11.00
Stairways and Ladders Safety (Idaho) 0.50 $11.00