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Maine Electrical Continuing Education Required:

Maine master electrician, journeyman electrician, limited electrician, or journeyman-in-training shall also certify at time of renewal to completion of a Maine approved 15 hour current National Electrical Code update. Maine Electrical License Renewal: All licenses expire 3 years from date of issuance. Continuing education is not required in renewal years: 2016, 2019, and 2022 (the last year of each code cycle). You can renew your license on the Board website.

2017 NEC Code Update Course Approval Number: 135.

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 2017 NEC Code Changes 0 15
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CE Requirements to Renew a ME Electrical License In the state of Maine, all Master, Limited, and Journeyman electricians must complete 15 hours of continuing education every three years. Continuing education credits must cover the 2017 NEC. You are also required to take the "Common 2014 National Electrical Code and Electricians Law Violations" course as part of the 15 hours.

Course Credit Hours Price
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 1 - Code-Wide and Articles 100-250 (OBT 3-HR) 3.00 $36.75
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 2 - Articles 300-480 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 3 - Articles 500-670 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00
Analysis of Changes 2017 NEC - Part 4 - Articles 680- Chapter 9 (OBT) 4.00 $49.00