Instructor: Bonnie Prinse

Credit Hours: 1.00

Approval Number: 0009012
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Course Description

Florida CILB Course Approval Number: 0009012

Florida ECLB Course Approval Number: 0008180

This one hour interactive distance-learning course was designed to provide the Florida Building Inspector with an understanding of how the Workers Compensation Law came to be. Workers’ Compensation is the oldest form of social insurance and has its roots steeped in history. It is an interesting journey to see how the oldest types of insurance, dating back thousands of years, paired up with the legal profession and evolved into our modern law. The course culminates with a look at how Florida developed its own Workers Compensation law, where we are today and what the future holds. The course then wraps up with a timeline of the history of the laws.

Course Topics

- Introduction to the Course
- Types of Insurances Described and The Origins
- Modern Influences in Europe
- The Legal Profession and Its Influences on the Law
- The Great Tradeoff : States Take Their Turn
- The Florida Experience: How We Progressed
- Now And The Future: Past Changes and the Likely Future
- History: A Bulleted Timeline


This course contains at least one hour of Workers Compensation (WC)

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this distance learning course, the contractor will have a clear understanding of the following things:

- How we arrived at the current Workers’ Compensation Law
- Who influenced the evolution of the law up to today
- What the law has been and is to the federal and state governments
- The history behind Florida’s law as it is today
- Why we need Workers' Compensation law

Instructor Bio

Ms. Prinse holds a BS Degree in Environmental Studies from Eckerd College and has pursued master degree studies in Aquatic Zoology at the University of South Florida. She has written scientific portions of impact statements for wetland/upland land delineation, endangered species studies, and water quality testing while employed with a civil engineering and architectural firm in Tampa, FL. Her experience in environmental studies and new construction lend itself to documentary film making, particularly environmental stories that have taken her to the Amazon in Peru and to Costa Rica. Most recently her involvement with earthen construction projects led to a video production showcasing the benefits of building “green.”

Other Approvals

Florida Electrical Contractor (ECLB): 0008180
Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB): CILB-0009012
Florida Board of Professional Engineers (FBPE): 0009620
General Education: PACE-WCH-162