Instructor: Aging Collective, LLC
Credit Hours: 1.00

Approval Number: J607GEN01

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Course Description

This course addresses Building Design through descriptions of essential demographics, trends, and governmental policies providing the knowledge necessary to add value with design concept to completion competition of a project for the identified cohort. In addition, a baseline of understanding provides knowledge needed to champion building environments for the health safety and welfare (HSW) of each member represented in the subject matter limiting risks, improving safety and enhancing well-being.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Gain an appreciation of why the study of aging is relevant to building design, materials, and safety.
  • Understand demographics in order to create buildings systems essential to the health, safety, and welfare of the aging population.
  • Understand lifestyle trends that will reform community planning enabling healthier neighborhoods for the senior population.
  • Consider the aspects of senior wellness relevant to planning and building facilities for the aging.
  • Explain governmental regulations and programs in planning and building for the senior cohort.

Instructor Bio

Jennie Griggs, BS, MA in Aging Studies, is a geriatric specialist, a course developer, speaker and an instructor for several senior fitness programs. Once successful in the corporate world nationally representing companies in sales, business development and training, Jennie’s life course and personal mission refocused following her health battles and those of her husband, who lost his fight with a lengthy illness and dementia.

Lynne Peer, M. Ed. in Secondary Education, is an instructional designer, corporate trainer and technical writer. She has developed over 75 courses for corporate clients, writes continuing education courses for architects and designers and develops facilitator guides and participant manuals along with train the trainer guidance to help companies deliver their own training sessions.

Jennie Griggs

Lynne Peer


Other Approvals

American Institute of Architects (AIA): J607GEN01