Instructor: Rosalie Leone

Credit Hours: 3.00

Approval Number: PACE-PSM-259

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Course Description

Florida CILB Course Approval Number: 0609422

This three hour module presents an overview of management and leadership. As a sales professional, you are in a natural position to be a leader. You lead your client through decision making on a daily basis. You may lead a team during team selling efforts. You may lead and coordinate the activities of others performing inside sales or sales support. Managing yourself and the activities of others well help to define your success and your career path. In this module you will discover how to better manage your time, improve your organization and training skills, and how to better lead the efforts of others.

Course Objectives

By the time you complete this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the sales manager.
  • Identify management styles.
  • Understand who makes up the sales team, and the role that inside sales persons play on the sales team.
  • Use time management, organization, delegation, leadership, training, and team management skills.
  • Use successful methods to delegate tasks.
  • Create effective training.
  • Lead a successful in-house meeting or customer meeting.
  • Lead effective team selling.
  • Use coaching to improve sales performance.
  • Assess the team as well as its individual members.
  • Understand the key elements in managing a sales territory.
  • Measure profitability versus total sales volume.

Other Approvals

Florida Construction Contractor (FCILB): 0609423