Instructor: Rosalie Leone

Credit Hours: 1.00

Approval Number: PACE-MW11-252

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Course Description

Florida CILB Course Approval Number: 0609420


Basically any millwork item not covered in prior modules can be considered a specialty item. Specialty items may be stock or custom built. In this one hour module we will discuss entrances, columns and porticoes, brackets and drops, blinds and shutters, louvers and gable sash units, mantels and skylights.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this module you will be able to identify specialty millwork items including; pilasters, pediments, and plinth blocks. You will also learn the common sizes and shapes of columns used in porches and porticoes; and you will be able to identify the parts of mantles. Finally, you will be able to identify the common classifications of skylights and the advantages and disadvantages of each. 




Other Approvals

Florida Construction Contractor (FCILB): 0609420