Instructor: Ed Schwartz

Credit Hours: 1.00

Approval Number: 1111101

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Course Description

Florida Board of Professional Engineers Provider# CEP 00199

To increase the probability of organizational success, the existing forward looking engineering firm should develop management processes for maintaining a regularly updated "Business Plan" which defines the business’s strategic intent, evaluates the organization’s current situation, and defines those actions necessary to keep the organization focused and successful.

This one-hour distance learning course is designed to define the10-step process for building a business plan. It explains the work product associated with each step, suggests who should perform each step, and discusses the pitfalls associated with developing a plan. Special emphasis is place upon creating alternative planning scenarios, creating an "inclusive" environment which involves key employees and assuring management support before starting. An example of a partial business plan is used to illustrate the ten step process and key work product for a hypothetical Engineering organization.

In order to receive credit for this course the participant must successfully complete a series of quizzes designed to test his/her knowledge of the subject presented in this course. To successfully complete this course, the participant must obtain an aggregate score of all the quizzes of 70% or greater.

One (1) Professional Development Hours (PDH)

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this distance learning course the participant will have a clear understanding of the ten-steps process to building a successful business plan, including:

  • Executive/management commitment to the plan
  • Work sessions/meetings
  • Work groups
  • Development of the Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Plans
  • Plan approval

Other Approvals

Nebraska Board of Engineers: 1111101
National Professional Engineer board: 1111101