Promotion revolutionized the way you take online continuing education. Now, you can fulfill your mandatory requirements in an audio/visual setting as if you were sitting in the classroom.


Upcoming License Renewals

Upcoming License Renewals

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PacePDH is now offering Adobe PDF format courses as well as our multimedia based Pace courses for Engineers.


Testimonials Testimonials

  • "I absolutely LOVE your courses and their convenience. I'm also impressed with the speed at which you report completion to the State. I received your large postcard about this program... I hesitated at first... but am so pleased at responding and taking these courses. ONE more to go!"
    JoAnn Vallee, Okeechobee, FL
  • "These courses have been very useful for me, and far more complete than I had expected. The same holds true for all the PACE courses (4) that I have completed. The method of presentation and the actual presentations have been excellent. Being in a remote location (Michigan Upper Peninsula), I found the internet availability extremely convenient."
    John Jamar Sr., Michigan's Upper Penisula
  • "I've used exclusively since 2003 for my Florida Continuing Education due to the low cost, elimination of travel and lodging, total time flexibility, and most importantly, the quality content of the curriculum, as I acquire useful, pertinent knowledge from every course."
    W. Choate, Atlanta, GA
  • "Thank you for your tremendous help. Your courses were AWESOME. I really enjoyed the comentary and learned a lot. It brought up a lot of points I should have been thinking about anyway. This is light years ahead of the many courses out there that I would have to spend hours getting to and from. I will be taking all my future courses through you as they are required."
    Mike Alford