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Florida Home Inspectors Licensing Program Continuing Education Requirements

14 hours of continuing education are required each renewal cycle for licensed home inspectors. Two (2) hours of instruction regarding hurricane mitigation and twelve (12) hours of general continuing education are required.

  • Pace has an approved 2 hour hurricane mitigation course.
  • General hours can include courses with approvals by the Construction Industry Licensing Board, the Board of Professional Engineers, the Board of Architecture and Interior Design, the Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board, or the Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board, so long as the courses pertain to one or more of the eight components of a home.

For more details visit the Home Inspectors Licensing Program area on the Florida DBPR site.
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 Hurricane Mitigation 0 2
 General 0 12
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Hurricane Mitigation

Course Credit Hours Price
Wind Mitigation Methodology - Retrofits for Existing Homes - 2 hour (WMM/HMM/GEN) (HSW) 2.00 $22.00
Wind Mitigation Methodology - Retrofits for Existing Homes - 3 Hour (WMM/HMM/GEN) 3.00 $49.00


Course Credit Hours Price
Active Solar Energy Systems (BSP/T/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Advanced FBC Code Enforcement - Product Approval - TAC’s and Committees (ADV/HSW/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Advanced FBC Permits - Inspections and Private Provider (ADV/HSW/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Advanced FBC. The 6th Edition (2017) Florida Building Code-Building (ADV) (HSW) 2.00 $38.00
Advanced Wall Framing Techniques (GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Asbestos in the Construction Industry (WPS/GEN) 3.00 $33.00
Building a Radon Free House (BSP/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Building for Energy Efficiency (BSP/T/GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Cool Roofs for Warm Climates (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Daylighting for Energy Efficiency (BSP/T/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Energy Efficient Ventilation Techniques (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Energy Star Qualified New Home (GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Environmentally Safe Paints and Painting Techniques (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Fair Housing: A Study of Kitchens and Bathrooms (GEN) (AOA) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Green Building Sustainability and Smart Growth (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Home Builder’s Guide to Coastal Construction (GEN) (HSW) 4.00 $44.00
Indoor Environmental Quality (GEN) (HSW) 3.00 $33.00
Lead and Other Metals in Construction (WPS/GEN) 3.00 $33.00
Preventing Mold in New Construction (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Raising the Roof (GEN) (HSW) 2.00 $22.00
Reducing Energy Costs Through Fenestration Optimization (GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00
Refrigerants (GEN) 1.00 $11.00
The Building Envelope (BSP/GEN) 1.00 $11.00