Instructor: Bonnie Prinse

Credit Hours: 2.00

Approval Number: 1111101

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Course Description

TDLR Approval Number: 7387

 Mold in Schools and Commercial Buildings

This Internet course presents guidelines for the remediation/cleanup of mold and moisture problems in schools and commercial buildings; these guidelines include measures designed to protect the health of building occupants and remediators.

Taking this course, individuals with little or no experience with mold remediation should be able to make a reasonable judgment as to whether the situation can be handled in-house. It will help those in charge of maintenance to evaluate an in-house remediation plan or a remediation plan submitted by an outside contractor. Contractors and other professionals who respond to mold and moisture situations in commercial buildings and schools may also want to refer to these guidelines.

In order to receive credit for this course the participant must successfully complete a series of quizzes designed to test his/her knowledge of the subject presented in this course. To successfully complete this course, the participant must obtain an aggregate score of all the quizzes of 70% or greater.


Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this distance learning course the participant will be have a clear understanding of:

  • Molds and their health effects in humans
  • How to prevent mold
  • How to plan for mold remediation
  • How to conduct mold remediation
  • And, how to communicate with the building occupants about the remediation process

Instructor Bio

Ms. Prinse holds a BS Degree in Environmental Studies from Eckerd College and has pursued master degree studies in Aquatic Zoology at the University of South Florida. She has written scientific portions of impact statements for wetland/upland land delineation, endangered species studies, and water quality testing while employed with a civil engineering and architectural firm in Tampa, FL. Her experience in environmental studies and new construction lend itself to documentary film making, particularly environmental stories that have taken her to the Amazon in Peru and to Costa Rica. Most recently her involvement with earthen construction projects led to a video production showcasing the benefits of building “green.”

Other Approvals

Georgia Construction Contractor: TX-7387
Nebraska Board of Engineers: 1111101
National Professional Engineer board: 1111101