Instructor: George Mazzeo

Credit Hours: 3.00

Approval Number: J607LGL22

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Course Description

"Basic Ethics for Architects"

AIA Course Registration #A017AE

Three (3) PDH/LU (3HSW)

The purpose of this online course is to explore your professional responsibilities as they relate to your clients, your peers, your employer, your employees, and your profession. We will begin our discussion by examining the role of ethics in the every day practice of your profession. We will explain why ethical behavior is not only a professional and legal imperative, but is also just plain good business. We will then take a look at how the concept of professional ethics developed from the most basic notions of right and wrong to the current AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct published by the American Institute of Architects. Finally, we will examine in detail the Fundamental Canons, Ethical Standards, and Rules of Conduct contained in the professional code and relate them to real world situations.

Course Objectives

At the conclusion of this Internet course the participant would have a clear understanding of the following topics

Following are the course objectives.
First, to understand the need for a professional archtectural code of ethics.
Second, to understand the building blocks used in developing professional codes.
Third, to understand the ethical decision making process.
Fourth, to understand the Fundamental Canons, Ethical Standards, and Rules of Conduct contained in the AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
Fifth, to be able to apply the guidance in the AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Instructor Bio

George Mazzeo holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the NJ Institute of Technology and a MS in Systems Management from the University of Southern California. He is also a graduate of the US Naval War College. Mr. Mazzeo has presented dozens of ethics seminars to Professional Engineers and other professionals nationwide.


He is a retired US Air Force Colonel and served as the Department Chair and Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of Florida. While at UF, he presented courses in leadership, strategic planning, management, ethics, team building, quality/continuous improvement and communications. He is the author of "Sleeping Dogs… Ethics in the Workplace." Mr. Mazzeo currently is the Executive Director for the North Central Florida Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Other Approvals

American Institute of Architects (AIA): J607LGL22

Read comments about this course

This course was very helpful. Professionally, it was useful to review the AIA Code of Ethics, but greater than this was the opportunity to review the whole concept of "ethics" from a personal viewpoint. I think we all can benefit from an objective look at personal ethics to improve our daily relationships with everyone we are involved with. Thank you for the opportunity to take a moment to review these concepts! dave kimble, aia

-David Kimble

Excellent review and insight into professional situations that occur everyday and the breaking down ethics into the reasoning behind what we live by.

-Kenneth Feyl

Excellent Course material and excellent delivery - suggest you provide additional follow-up courses on this subject

-George Ballans