JobFLEX Google Play

Being able to quickly and easily create estimates for customers using an estimating app is critical. The difference between gaining a new client and losing a potential job often hinges on how quickly and professionally you can turn that estimate around. With JobFLEX, there's no tech savvy needed. Deliver estimates on the spot, with or without a cellular connection. Create and edit customizable forms, then just drag and drop line item costs, materials, and photos. When you're finished, preview, email or print the estimate with one tap.


iEngineer Perfectly Simple Apps, LLC iTunes

If you need a screw database, iEngineer is the answer. The app has a comprehensive list of U.S. and metric screws, including dimensions for different head styles, material grades, and different screw sizes. For U.S. screws, the app has a catalog of 93 different screws from #0 to 4-in. They are categorized by their nine different head styles including flat, oval, hex, and truss along with 29 material grades ranging from different SAE and ASTM standards. The metric catalog has over 200 metric screws ranging from M1.0 to M100. The most helpful information comes in the form of advised torque, lubricated torque, and clamping force for the screw chosen. This will help engineers determine installation requirements.


MyPantone iTunes Google Play

For over 50 years Pantone has been the international language of color. This app now gives you access to the entire Pantone catalogue of over 13,000 colors and makes it easy to create and share color palettes. Capture and extract colors from photos and snap to the closest Pantone color.


Arc Flash Analytic Arcad Inc. iTunes Google Play

The app has been developed based on IEEE 1584 Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations as an easy to use and comprehensive tool for calculating incident energy and arc flash boundary, determining limited, restricted, prohibited approach boundaries and hazard risk category required by NFPA 70E, NEC / CEC and OSHA when work is to be performed on or near the energized equipment.