Storm Damage Construction

The U.S. is a large and diverse country with weather to match. The 'Tornado Alley' area running through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska is prone to particularly violent storms while hail the size of golf balls or larger is particularly experienced in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming. Heavy snow and high winds can be experienced in many states and severe damage can result from much of the harsh weather that nature throws at us.

According to many experts, climate change means the number and severity of storms are likely to get worse, causing damage to even more properties. Although this is an increasing problem for many residents and businesses, it is an opportunity for any company that can provide a property repair service. But for anyone considering this type of work, it is vital it's done thoroughly and properly.

Providing the Right Service
Any general contractor should have the basic ability to repair damaged property. But when you're dealing with storm damage, much more than a basic service is needed.

Damage to someone's home is a very emotive situation while damage to a business can affect people's livelihoods. So it's essential you provide a comprehensive, sympathetic and professional service that deals with the problem as promptly and effectively as possible.

If you are going to undertake storm damage repairs, you really need to be able to provide a complete service. Property owners, who are already stressed, don't want to be sourcing different services from various suppliers, so you must:

  • Have the relevant licenses, permits, bonds and insurance to do the job
  • Thoroughly inspect the property and assess the full extent of the damage, even that which is not immediately obvious but will cause problems over time
  • Prepare a comprehensive and accurate assessment that sets out the full cost of repairs
  • Make the property safe and weatherproof to prevent further damage by emergency boarding up, covering, perimeter fencing and security staff if necessary
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to progress the claim and ensure the property owner receives as full a payout as possible
  • Pump out any water and make the property dry
  • Complete permanent repairs using the best and latest materials that match the existing features of the property
  • Return the property to its original condition or better.
Specialized Service
Everything you do has to be done quickly and well because you want to minimize the impact on the property owner at a traumatic time. It isn't like any general contracting job because you need specialist skills to ensure the job goes smoothly and completes well. If you don't have all the necessary skills, and most companies don't, use sub-contractors and suppliers you know and trust.

Once you acquire all the necessary skills, either directly or indirectly, storm damage repair is something you can specialize in. With climate change forecast to make storms more intense and frequent, it's a line of work you can depend on and which is likely to grow.