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Pinellas County Construction Licensing Board (PCCLB) Continuing Education Requirements

PCCLB Specialty Contractors are required to complete 14 hours of continuing education each two-year renewal cycle. They must have all education requirements satisfied and current in order to renew their license(s) online for 2019.

For September 30, 2019 renewals, the mandatory continuing education requirements for PCCLB specialty contractors are:

(a) Specialized or advanced module course approved by the Florida Building Commission or the Board
(b) Workplace safety;
(c) Business practices;
(d) Workers' compensation;
(e) Laws and rules regulating the construction industry;
(f) Wind mitigation methodologies if license is held in the following categories: specialty structure or glass and glazing.
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Florida Pinellas County Specialty Contractor 14 Hour Packages

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 Category SelectedRequired
 Advanced Module 0 1
 Business Practices Courses 0 1
 Workplace Safety Courses 0 1
 Laws and Rules 0 1
 Wind Mitigation 0 1
 Workers Compensation Courses 0 1
 Total Hours: 0 14

Advanced Courses

Course Credit Hours Price
Advanced FBC Code Enforcement - Product Approval - TAC’s and Committees (ADV/HSW/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Advanced FBC Permits - Inspections and Private Provider (ADV/HSW/GEN) 1.00 $11.00

Business Practices Courses

Workplace Safety Courses

Laws and Rules

Course Credit Hours Price
Florida Laws and Rules - 61G4 FAC (LR/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Florida Laws and Rules - Chapter 489 (LR/GEN) 1.00 $11.00

Wind Mitigation Methodologies

Course Credit Hours Price
Wind Mitigation Methodology - Retrofits for Existing Homes - 1 hr (WMM/GEN) (HSW) 1.00 $11.00

Workers Compensation Courses

Course Credit Hours Price
Workers Compensation - A Brief History (WC/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Workers Compensation - Understanding Chapter 440 (WC/GEN) 1.00 $11.00
Workers Compensation - Understanding Chapter 440 (WC/GEN) NEW 1.00 $11.00